2014 Dodge Dart – 2014 Dart Reviews, Photos, Discounts & Pricing.


For those that want speed, then they are more than likely looking forward to the 2014 Dodge Dart. The Dart has long been a sports car for the brand, though it went away for several years, it is back. And it is back with a vengeance and giving tons of people something to look forward to if they want speed and great looks. The older darts were a bit bigger, however, the trend nowadays is to have a car that is a bit smaller, packing ton of performance into the build as well. And the Dart is going to meet these requirements easily.
Since the 2014 Dart is not official yet, it can only be assumed as to what Dodge is going to do, however, most people are finding that these assumptions are something that Dodge needs to listen to if they are wanting to sell this car. One of the first things that people will notice about the Dart is the fact that it is boring technology for Alfa Romeo, which means that people can expect tons of performance out of this car. They are going to find that the car could come with up to 300 horsepower, something that most people are not use to having in any car that is on the market now, or at least not one that they can afford. This is good news for the Dart as it will be going up against the turbo charged Ford Focus, and since the Focus is such a popular car, it could be hard to beat.
The aerodynamics of the car is going to be built for speed. However, the car is not going to look tame by any means. The person will find that the rear end will be aggressive looking to anyone that comes up behind this car, while the entire body of the car is designed to flow with the wind, rather than against it, causing loss of fuel efficiency and power.
The car will have a bit of better handling than it has had with the stiffer springs that are being used. The person will find that the handling can be much easier and not feel as though the person is losing their grip on the road as much. Something that will make taking those curves at high speeds much easier and safer. The wheelbase will a be a bit longer which will also help with the driving and handling of this car, add into the fact that the use of a different rubber tire for better traction will also help the customer to handle this.